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Is THIS on your school improvement plan?

There’s no time like the present to get ahead on this year’s school improvement plan and maximise your budget (CPD, SEN, PP, catch-up) by purchasing flexible, online, specialist CPD training for your whole team.

As we all know, numbers of children with SEN are rising and there are strong links between challenging behaviour and underlying speech & language difficulties.

It’s time to look at addressing:

👉 Children who make slow progress

👉 Low attainment

👉 Staff who lack confidence or experience

👉 Long waiting lists for referrals to SALT

👉 High staff stress levels and increase morale

👉 School refusals and increased absence rates

Plus, Ofsted are looking closely at SEN, specifically training and CPD.

School senior leaders can resolve their needs to meet staff training requirements with my Schools Training Package.

Not only can you BOOST the skillset of your whole team but the application of those skills in your school can

✔️ change children’s outcomes,

✔️ improve behaviour,

✔️ increase attendance,

✔️ sidestep waiting lists,

✔️ impress parents,

✔️ and wow the Governors and Ofsted Inspectors all in one go!

Now that ticks a box or two, doesn’t it?!

With my training & resources package everyone on your team will get access (via their individual logins) to a range of courses and specialist resources to support their students, whether they are in Early Years, or key stage 1,2 or 3.

Click below for information on the stage of education relevant for you.

Let me know if you’d like to have a quick phone call to discuss the training needs of your school, you can >>send me an email<< to book a call.



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