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Early Years Training Package

Do you work in early years? Have you got any late talkers? Children with unclear speech or poor vocabulary?

Little ones who have difficulties with listening and following instructions or some who struggle with social skills like turn taking and joining in with others?

Perhaps there are some children who you worry may have autism or who have suddenly developed a stammer. 

Do you need to quickly enhance your skills through specialist training that doesn’t take weeks to complete?

You can access this package of easy to use, online CPD learning straight away.


It’s ideal for Preschool Practitioners and Early Years professionals who are feeling the pressure of meeting the needs of the children in your setting, with little extra time or help to do it. 

Online CPD Training for
Your Early Years Setting

Boost your knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting children with speech & language needs in your Early Years setting.

Train up your whole team for a fraction of the cost of individual enrolment (see pricing below).


Confidently reassure the parents in your setting that you can help their children.

Beat speech & language waiting lists by providing the support that will likely be recommended by a SALT (like me!)

Reduce the amount of time wasted by the children being on a waiting list for initial assessment.

You can boast to the Ofsted Inspector or on social media about the highly skilled staff in your setting.

Look forward to an increased popularity in your setting and more recommendations to other parents by current and past parents.


Advertise the fact that your staff have ALL been trained in SLCN which could bring in more children to your setting.



The online short courses and resources in The Speech and Language Garden provide specialist training to staff and practitioners working in education settings.


You can access a complete training package of courses, created with Early Years in mind.


Choose either to train a single member of staff or your whole team, for an entire year.


The pre-recorded courses range from 60 mins to 4+ hours, with modules covering specific theoretical information, and demonstrated activities to target specific areas of needs during activity and intervention sessions.


All of the course content is available online, with unlimited access so you can re-visit the content multiple times and complete at your own pace.

All of the courses and resources are created by a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience of working with children for more than a decade.

Watch this video for a quick look around one of the courses:


What's Available?
Online Courses

Your setting can power-up it's provision in EYFS with staff who have increased understanding and confidence to support children with delayed language skills.

Early Years Speech and Language

Aimed at EYFS professionals keen to identify and establish effective speech and language skills in your Early Years provision.

This course contains theory and information on milestones, red flags, when to refer to SALT, strategies and games to help late talkers, children with unclear speech and stammerers.

EYFS speech and language course.jpg

Speech Sounds: Steps to Success

A comprehensive training course to help your staff work with children who have speech sound difficulties. This course contains information and theory on the types of speech sound difficulties and typical developmental milestones.

This course is packed with practical and fun activities for your staff members to do to help your children with their speech sounds, making it ideal for Early Years practitioners.

STS course image.png

Supporting Children with Memory and Processing Difficulties

Learn how to support children in all key stages who have difficulty retaining and processing spoken information.

This course is packed with practical activities for your staff to do with individual or groups of children, making it ideal for both teaching and support staff.

Memory and processing course image.jpg

Supporting Children with Vocabulary and Word Finding Difficulties

Your team will learn how to support children of all ages who have difficulty with vocabulary, including learning and retaining new words or recalling vocabulary that they already know. 

There are plenty of demonstrated practical activities for your team to carry out with individuals or groups of children, within the classroom or during interventions.

Vocab course image.jpg

SLCN: Speech, Language and Communication Needs

This course outlines definitions, statistics, areas of need, and implications for educational achievement.

Contains over 70 strategies to support children with a range of difficulties, from memory and comprehension to narrative, vocabulary and stammering.

Ideal for improving quality of teaching and learning.

This course features 11 BONUS Materials such as printable resources, a checklist and an eBook.

SLCNcourse image.jpg

Stammering and Stuttering

Your team will learn about stammering, who it affects, what causes it, red flags to look out for and how to help someone who stammers.

With background theory, covering a range of ages from preschoolers to adults, as well as insights into the role of a Speech and Language Therapist and treatments.

Your staff will have the confidence to spot the signs, support the children and reassure parents and carers.

Stammering course image.jpg

Also Included:
Specialist Resources

SLCN product cover.jpg

Speech, Language and Communication Needs Checklist

An easy-to-use checklist resource to help identify specific areas of speech and language needs, highlight target areas for One Planning and TA-led interventions and support referral to SALT services.


This tool can be used as a monitoring tool for termly assessment and data gathering

5 ways freebie image.png

5 Ways to be Speech and Language Friendly in School


A handy tick sheet with some simple tips for you and your team to create a more speech and language friendly environment to help support your pupils.

Speech & Language Intervention Record Sheet

Intervention sheet cover image.jpg

A handy printable sheet to record all speech and language interventions.

Sp sounds screener cover.jpg

Speech Sounds Screener

A speech sounds identification and tracking tool for Early Years staff to asses and  monitor the speech sound development of children in your setting.

Copy of SLCN Self-Evaluation (1).jpg

Staff Skills Audit Tool

An audit tool to collect information on the skills and knowledge of your team.


This easy-to-use checklist can be used as an indicator for training or resources needed, or for staff to be able to record evidence for their own CPD.


This form can also be used to inform Governors, Trustees and Inspectors.

Stammer freebie image.jpg

Supporting Students Who Stammer

Advice Sheet

A list of strategies for education staff to help support the children in your school who stammer or stutter.

speech sounds freebie image.png

The Development of Speech Sounds

Ages & Stages Infosheet

An informative resource for EYFS and KS1 on the developmental milestones of speech sound development.

  1. Speech, Language and Communication Needs

  2. Memory & Processing Interventions, Activities & Games

  3. Vocabulary Interventions- a selection of activities

  4. Early Years Activities to Boost Language & Communication Skills

  5. Speech Sounds Games & Activities


Downloadable eBooks

Downloadable and printable resources on a range of topics, ideal for activity sessions and interventions, small group or whole class time fillers and providing activities to be done at home to support carryover of skills:​

Sign up one staff member or enrol your whole team for 12 months.

Single user price £550 +vat

Multiple user price  £1500 +vat 

For your whole team

Payment via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Payment Plans Available

How Much Does It Cost?

Would you prefer to pay via invoice?


If you would prefer to pay via invoice and BACS transfer, please send me an email:

Need training for a group of preschools or Childminders?

Contact me for discount pricing for preschool chains or groups of Childminders.

⭐ Excellent benefits for your setting⭐

✔ You and your staff will learn more about language delay, speech sound difficulties, boosting attention and listening skills, increasing vocabulary and alleviating stammering, as well as specific strategies to support needs in these areas.


PLUS you’ll get extra goodies to download including:

  • Speech Sound Screener

  • Speech and Language Checklist assessment tool

  • Typical speech and language milestones checklist

  • Means, reasons & opportunities audit sheet

  • Strategies handouts to display in your staffroom

  • Speech sounds eBooks of games to play with and without pictures

  • The development of speech sounds infosheet and speech sounds ladder

  • Six eBooks packed with activities and games


✔ You will get instant and unlimited access to specialist training on this range of topics which are unavailable in many locations.

✔ Staff members can access the training remotely and complete the course at their own pace.

✔ Your setting will save money on individual course fees by purchasing the training package for the whole team of staff. 

✔ Each of the demonstration videos in my courses are full of ideas on how you can adjust the activity to meet the needs, age, motivations and interests of the child you have in mind.

✔ All of the videos are pre-recorded so you can re-visit them in a few weeks time when you need ideas for a different child. There’s nothing to print out and preparation for each activity is minimal.

✔ Staff and practitioners will develop skills, knowledge and confidence in identifying and supporting children with language delay, speech sounds and stammers. You can then boast this on your website and to Ofsted.

How does it work?

Access for whole staff teams/multiple users


1. Payments can be made online directly through the system, or via invoice (please email me to request an invoice). This will provide the package for 12 months.

2. You'll be contacted to send us a list of staff members who you'd like to enroll to the training package. We'll set them up with accounts and send them a welcome email.

3. Your staff members will have continuous access to the courses and content, with your team using the content for training days, meetings or individual CPD. Certificates will be automatically issued upon completion of each course.

4. Everyone will have access to the downloadable specialist resources which can be used as much as you like. You can use these for further training sessions or team meetings.

5. Log in to the courses and watch the videos as many times as you wish, using the content for training sessions, refreshing skills and upskilling new staff members.

Order Now

Sign up one staff member or enrol your whole team for 12 months.

Payment via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Payment Plans Available

Single user price £550 +vat

Multiple user price  £1500 +vat

For your whole team

I’m a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, based in Essex.

I have extensive experience working with children with speech, language and communication needs in a range of settings including schools, preschools and clinics.

I'm also mum to two primary school-aged children, one of whom has special needs. Both of my children ‘help’ in some of my course videos, allowing me to demonstrate how to use activities to work on specific targets, modifying and differentiating for varying ages, motivations and abilities.

I set up my own clinical service provision in 2011 and have since then built up a successful practice, with my own clinic where I see private patients. I also provide a regular service to a number of schools in my local geographical area.


I’ve worked with lots of practitioners and staff in schools and preschools throughout my career and I've provided a lot of information, advice, training and support for a variety of Speech and Language topics.


As well as training education staff, I also deliver seminars as a guest lecturer to Speech and Language Therapy Students at the University of Essex. These cover a range of topics, including service provision, speech sounds, stammering, vocabulary and word finding, assessment and intervention.

FAQ page.jpg

I have a master’s degree in Health and Human Sciences (MSc), qualifying as a Speech & Language Therapist in 2009. My undergraduate degree (BA Hons) is in Linguistics and Spanish.

I’m registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Health and Care Professionals Council and the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP).

Hi, I'm Beth Morrant

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