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Speech Sounds Success: Step 1

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Price £67

Do you have children in your class with unclear speech? Are you worried their speech sound difficulties are impacting on literacy and phonics skills?

Have you ever wondered what speech sounds they should be making by which age?

Get instant access to this 45-minute online specialist training & resources bundle that gives you the first steps to identifying and resolving unclear speech in the children you work with.

This resource will help you:

🌸 Understand which sounds your child(ren) should be making by which age, identify if they have a speech sound delay or disorder, know when to be concerned and when to make a referral to SALT.


🌸 Learn about the most common types of speech sound errors and how you can spot them in your setting.



🌸 Discover a range of practical activities and games to support the speech sound awareness and production skills of your children so that they can overcome their unclear speech.



🌸 Receive training from a Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist so that you can go from feeling STUCK and STRESSED that the children in your setting have unclear speech, to feeling SUCCESSFUL and CONFIDENT in your skills to help the children you work with.



🌸 Support the children in your class or setting with strategies and targeted interventions that will boost phonics and literacy skills, impress your manager, the children’s parents and the Ofsted Inspector.

This online resource contains a mixture of video trainings and downloadable resources to give you lots of information, tips and confidence to take the first steps in helping the children that you work with (aged 2-7) who have unclear speech and start resolving their difficulties.

Here's what's inside:

💻 Video Training 1- The Ages & Stages of Speech Sound Development, including discussion on delays & disorders, when to worry and how to refer to SALT.


💻Video Training 2- How to Identify & Support Speech Sound difficulties in your Early Years Setting

💻Video Training 3- Common Speech Sound Errors and how to Spot them

🌳 Practical Activities to resolve one of the most common speech sound errors in preschool-aged children.


🌷Activities to Boost Speech Sound skills for children of all ages- a downloadable eBook packed with easy to do games and activities to improve the speech sound awareness and production skills of the children you work with.


📝 Intervention record sheet- to track all of your activity and intervention sessions. Helpful for data gathering, accountability to parents and the SENCo, ideal to show the Ofsted Inspector.


Total video time is around 45 minutes.

Total value is £147



You'll get lifetime access to this resource within the members area of The Speech & Language Garden so you can login and complete the training at your own pace, re-visiting the videos and resources whenever you like.



You will receive an email with your login straight away so there's no waiting around for a start date!


⭐ Reviews ⭐


"It's a brilliant bundle of informative videos and excellent activity ideas!"

Shelley, Preschool Deputy Manager & SENCo


"I found the difference between delayed/disordered speech interesting. I now know that I currently support children with disordered speech which is an eye opener, so thank you for making it simple to understand."

Laura, Teaching Assistant

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