Online Speech and Language Training Courses

Budget-friendly courses for you to complete online, in your own time.

Perfect for individual training or staff meetings. 

You can re-visit my courses multiple times to try new ideas and refresh your skills.


Speech Sounds- Steps to Success

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A comprehensive course to help you work with children who have speech sound difficulties.


Containing lots of theory on the types of speech sound difficuolties and typical developmental milestones.


This course is packed with practical and fun activities for you to do to help your little one with their speech sounds.


For Preschools, Early Years Professionals, Teachers, TA's, SENCOs and parents.


Video time: 2+ hours.

SLCN: Speech, Language and Communication Needs

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Ideal for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Senior Leadership teams.

This 4 module course outlines definitions, statistics, areas of need, and implications for educational achievement. 


You'll also work through how you can boost quality teaching and learning by using strategies to support children with a range of difficulties in your school.

With 11 BONUS Materials!

Video time: 1.5 hours.

Early Years Speech & Language

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An online course for EYFS professionals to identify and establish effective speech and language skills in Early Years settings.

Power-up your provision with staff strategies and games to help late talkers, children with unclear speech and stammerers.

Containing theory and information on milestones, red flags, when to refer to SALT, strategies and activities to support children in your EYFS setting.

Video time: over 3 hours.

Stammering and Stuttering

Stammering course image.jpg

Learn about stammering, who it affects, what causes it, red flags to look out for and how to help someone who stammers.

With background theory, covering a range of ages from preschoolers to adults, as well as insights into the role of a Speech and Language Therapist and treatments.

This course is ideal for Teachers, SENCos, Teaching Assistants, Early Years Professionals and even parents!

Video time: 60 mins

Memory and Processing Difficulties

Memory and processing course image.jpg

Learn how to support children of all ages who have difficulty retaining and processing spoken information.

Support pupils who struggle with remembering new topics, reading comprehension and lower-ability groups.

Packed with theory and practical activities for you to do with individual or groups of children.


For staff and parents working with children of any age, from Early Years to Key Stage 5.


Video time: 45+ mins (perfect for staff meetings)

Vocabulary & Word Finding

Vocab course image.jpg

Learn how to support children of all ages who have difficulty with vocabulary, including learning and retaining new words or word finding.

This course contains practical activities for you to do in 1:1 sessions, small groups of children or whole class activities.


For Teachers, Teaching Assistants and SENCOs.

Approx 30 mins (perfect for staff meetings)

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Are you looking to get ALL of these courses as a bundle for your School or Trust?

Are you worried there's no budget for these specialist training courses?

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How to help SEN pupils 'catch-up' post-pandemic.

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