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About Me

Hi, I'm Beth. I’m a Speech and Language Therapist from Essex, UK.

I'm a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, from the UK, with extensive experience working with children with speech, language and communication needs in a range of settings including schools, preschools and clinics.

I'm mum to two primary school-aged children, one of whom has special needs.


I set up my own clinical service provision in 2011 and have since then built up a successful practice, with my own clinic where I see private patients. I also provide a regular service to a number of schools in my local geographical area.



I have a master’s degree in Health and Human Sciences (MSc), qualifying as a Speech & Language Therapist in 2009. My undergraduate degree (BA Hons) is in Linguistics and Spanish.

I’m registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Health and Care Professionals Council and the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP).

I have been the chair of my local ASLTIP group for a number of years, organising regular meetings and suporting a large group of 18 members covering a range of clinical specialisms.

I’ve worked with lots of practitioners and staff in schools and preschools throughout my career and I've provided a lot of information, advice, training and support for a variety of Speech and Language topics.

As well as training education staff, I also deliver seminars as a guest lecturer to Speech and Language Therapy Students at the University of Essex. These cover a range of topics, including service provision, speech sounds, stammering, vocabulary and word finding, assessment and intervention.


For over a decade, I have built up a whole stack of resources and activities to target dozens of different topics within speech, language and communication needs.

I’ve delivered a huge number of training sessions, created by me, on a range of SLCN topics to staff working in schools and preschools.

As a result of my training on speech and language issues, dozens of Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Preschool Practitioners have felt empowered to help their students with their speech, language and communication needs.

With The Speech and Language Garden, I hope to give you some valuable ideas, training and resources to help educate you and support the children you work with.

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