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Supporting Children with Memory and Processing Difficulties

An online, flexible, instant access, rapid course for education and childcare professionals.

Learn how to support children of all ages who have difficulty with retention and processing skills.​​

For staff and parents working with children of any age, from Early Years to Key Stage 5.

Learn vital theory, strategies and interventions to support pupils to:

⭐ Boost processing & retention skills​

​⭐ Reach age-related expectations

⭐ Raise academic performance

"We have lots of pupils who are very behind. We need a way of getting them up to speed quickly"

Michelle D, Deputy Head & SENCo

"I teach year 4 and have pupils who are struggling to follow instructions and retain anything."

Sarah S, year 4 teacher

"My class are so low this year with their skills. I feel like I'm teaching the same thing over and over. It's really frustrating"

Laura T, year 1 teacher

"I've been told to do comprehension interventions with this group but don't know where to start."

Charlotte G, Teaching Assistant, year 7


Do you have a child in your class who is behind the others and finds the work hard? 

They struggle with processing and can't follow instructions well. They are in the lower ability group.

They can't seem to retain the things you've taught them. Even when you've gone over it a few times.

They lose their trail of thought easily and don't manage to get much written in their workbooks.

They have trouble understanding or identifying the main idea of what they have just read. 

Reading comprehension tasks are almost impossible for this child.


They have trouble understanding new ideas or topics.

They can't pick up new skills as easily as their peers (like fractions or halving).

They are performing below age-related expectations, especially in maths, reading and literacy.

But, they don’t meet criteria for referral to SENCo or external support (like SALT or Educational Psychologist), they aren’t ‘bad enough’.

You’re concerned about them. There’s little progress in their work, despite your best efforts and you know that there must be something else you can do to help them.

Senior leadership want to see the data, the progress the proof of your efforts but it’s just not there in the child’s work.

Imagine being able to support your pupils with their learning by using simple strategies in the classroom.

You can identify that they are struggling with processing information and following instructions, now you need to boost their retention and processing skills.

You can do this with effective, easy to implement interventions to help maximise their progress and enjoy their learning.

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Everything you need to know and do to support children with memory and processing difficulties

An online course, packed with information, theory and practical activities. 

⭐ Develop a better understanding of the memory and processing difficulties faced by the children you work with.

Increase quality teaching by implementing the knowledge and strategies learnt in this course.

Feel confident to work with the children in your setting who have difficulty remembering and processing spoken information like questions, instructions and stories.

Deliver impactful interventions to support pupils who struggle with remembering new topics, reading comprehension and lower-ability groups.​

⭐ Help the children to make progress and overcome their barriers to learning.

⭐ Use the strategies and activities from this course with your current children and in the future with new cohorts.

⭐ Suitable for all age groups, from EYFS to KS4.

⭐ The games can be altered to suit the age, ability and interests of the child you are working with.

⭐ ​I've included ways you can step-up to make the game more challenging or step down if they are a bit tricky.

⭐ Complete the course online, in your own time (total video time approx. 47 minutes).

I just wanted to say a massive thank you!! Your videos are amazing and I look forward to implementing all of the information into my workplace! 

Chrissie S

So personable and informative!

Sarah C

A great addition to my CPD log!  The pdf printouts are great too, thank you.  I will be going back and relooking at them, especially the games and activities!


Bobbie M

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It's a short course, all pre-recorded and ready to access straight away.

It's online so you can do it any time, on any device.

You can re-visit the course time and time again, with unlimited access.

You can download the BONUS documents and save them to your shared drive.

You'll receive a certificate when you finish.

What will you get?

This course is packed with information in video format, with extra pdf resources for you to download and use.

An introduction video packed with information and theory on memory and processing difficulties for children. Including profiles and red flags to look out for, as well as discussion on the impacts of these difficulties on learning and how you can help them.


Ten video demonstrations of my top intervention activities which I include in my speech and language programmes for children with difficulties with memory and processing. Some of these videos feature help from my own children so we can show you how it all REALLY works. 


A separate instructional video on strategies for pupils and adults to use to help your children.


Plus there are BONUS downloads for you:

  • A checklist to help you identify areas of need for children in your setting.

  • Example sentences for some of the games and interventions.

  • Printable handouts of the strategies for adults/staff and more strategies for children/pupils.

  • A printable record sheet for you to written down and keep track of your interventions.

  • The Memory & Processing Interventions eBook (sold separately for £10 but included in this course for FREE!)

The total video time for this course is approx. 75 minutes.

How does it work?

Once you register, you will be sent your login details via email, then you can work through the modules at your own pace. 

As the course is online, you can re-visit the modules at any time, on any device, with unlimited access.


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