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Reviews & Testimonials

I've received lots of lovely feedback from previous course participants. 

Firstly i would love to say that i have really enjoyed the courses that i have done with you, so personable and informative.
I have completed Stammering and Stuttering, Early years speech and language and the Speech Sounds.Thank you.


Aimee Wilson


I’ve just finished your Speech and Language courses, which I have found really helpful and informative! Thank you so much.

Faye Simpson 


I just wanted to say a massive thank you!! Your videos are amazing and I look forward to implementing all of the information into my workplace! 

Chrissie-Mae Scott-Elliott


I have found the courses very useful and it is helping me to point staff in the right direction to speed up support for our little ones.

Helen Kingdon

I did the Speech Sounds Steps to Success course over the Christmas holiday and really enjoyed it. It was a great mixture of theory and practical activities. The theory was pitched at a really good level for me – just enough information to be useful without it being overwhelming. I really liked all the games and ideas, lots of which I can see being useful for all sorts of interventions with children that I work with. Overall, great course that I would really recommend. It will certainly be useful in our setting and I will keep referring back to the training videos over the next few months to refresh myself.


Kay Beardsworth

I recently did your Speech Sounds to Success Course, which was brilliant!! It has helped me so much & given me so many new ideas.

Kathy Lamb


I really enjoyed the online course I did with you. I used all the resources provided to support a girl in Year 1 with SLCN.

When she was reassessed, her improvement was huge and her confidence has improved and helped her transition to Year 2.

Thank you Beth.


Lorraine Knipes

I used this to facilitate training for staff and it was really good- some lovely game ideas at the end too.

Jenette IndarSingh

Informative. Very good starting point, lots of useful information with strategies and ideas you can use. Would recommend!

Anna-Maria Gilbert


Great course, thanks Beth for giving me lots of useful strategies that I can use in the setting.

Susan Goodhand

Loved the course, could stop, start to fit in with work and my family. Activities very useful, thanks you.

Mandy Penfold



Absolutely loved this course , really enjoyable and informative,  can't wait to implement it with my key children. 😀


Jane King



Early years speech and language.

Thank you for some amazing yet simple ideas that I will certainly be using.

Debbie Allen



Great course. Lovely to see another professional as passionate as we are in promoting language development in early years

Loved the course. Many of the activities we do on a daily basis which is good to know we are on the right track in promoting early language development.  There are also some new activities I’m excited to try out this week and cascade the ideas to our team. Thank you.

Sharon Kennedy



Early Years Speech and Language

This was a fantastic course, really informative and helpful with some great ideas to take back to the setting and to our families.

Carolyn Gurton



Lots of information and can all be done in a large or small group setting. Parents would also benefit from doing the course too i think.

Rachel Lipscombe



Wonderful videos and slides, i found the case studies very informative. Looking forward to trying some new games. An absolute must watch for anyone in early years.

Angela munro

This course was brilliant, very informative, I will be recommending it! Thank you!

Elliot Gee



Some really useful activities to try out. Very interesting modules.

Julie Crawshawe



Informative & interesting. Easy to follow

Jo Evans



Very good and very informative. Loved it!

Ellie Lewis



Amazing. Thank you Beth,

This course has been very interesting to do, I will be engaging with my team with this as we have a few children who have speech difficulties and are awaiting to be assessed by a therapist. Thank you.

Toni Wyatt

Very well structured. Broken down into manageable chunks.  Useful strategies shared. Thank you.

Dana Price-Jones


A good clear course that is easy to understand.  It really has helped me see how I can help. 


Lisa Healey

Supporting children with memory and processing difficulties

Very informative and a lovely selection of activities to try with individuals and small groups. Very helpful. Thank you.

Helen Dunn



Supporting Children with Auditory Memory Difficulties

A clear and well designed course to enable understanding of working memory and techniques to support students to improve.

Paula Monaghan



Lots of great ideas to help children with their memory and processing difficulties.  Definitely will be looking to use some of the strategies next term.

Julie Crawshawe

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