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Supporting Children with Vocabulary and Word Finding Difficulties

Learn how to support children of all ages who have difficulty with vocabulary, including learning and retaining new words or recalling words they already know (word finding)​.

For education professionals across all key stages from

Early Years through to Secondary School.

Also suitable for parents and families.

This course covers background theory and information, strategies and practical activities to:

💮Increase vocabulary and word finding skills

💮Develop vocabulary skills in the early years and beyond

💮Boost quality teaching and learning

"We are looking to develop vocabulary skills in the early years"

Trust Director

"Our older children have huge gaps in their vocabulary"

Primary Headteacher

"We have a few children who say very little, very short sentences. It's a worry"

Nursery Manager

Can you relate to this...?

❗I have a child in my class who struggles with writing. Their maths and reading skills are fine, they just struggle with sentences.


❗ Some of the lower-ability children in my class are struggling. They don’t often read at home and have poor vocabulary.

❗ A child in my class gets frustrated during lessons. They don’t like literacy lessons and become disinterested.

❗ We have a 3 year old who gets very frustrated with their lack of communication.

❗ The teenagers I work with use 'um', 'er', 'thing', 'stuff', instead of real words.

❗ The students in our secondary setting swear instead of using more appropriate words.


Do you dream of your students using a wide and varied vocabulary in their written work?

Imagine your pupils being able to recall the new words you've taught for your subject, especially when you're being observed by the SLT!

Impress the Ofsted Inspector with your class demonstrating their use of vocabulary which is age-related or even at greater depth!

Supporting Children with Vocabulary and Word Finding Difficulties

An online, easy access, flexible course with everything you need to know about learning vocabulary and how to improve the skills of the children you work with.
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I've made you a course. It's a short course, all pre-recorded and ready to access straight away.

It's online so you can do it any time, on any device.

You can re-visit the course time and time again, with unlimited access.

The games can be altered to suit the age, ability and interests of the child you are working with.

Informative, lots of useful information with strategies and ideas you can use.

Would recommend!

Anna-Maria G

So personable and informative!

Sarah C

Just finished my course and want to say how fantastic it was, I'm looking forward to going into work tomorrow and trying out some new skills!


Jamie D

What's inside?


Video tutorials


Intervention demonstrations

Magic bonus.jpg

Bonus goodies to download

This course consists of pre-recorded video sections, totalling around 2 hours.

An introduction video with information and theory on vocabulary and word finding difficulites.


Video demonstrations of my top intervention activities which I include in my speech and language programmes for children with difficulties with learning and retaining new words and/or recalling words that they already know.


Some of these videos feature help from my own children so we can show you how it all REALLY works. 

After completing this course:


You will have a better understanding of the vocabulary and word finding difficulties faced by some of the children you work with.


You will feel confident to work with the children in your setting who have difficulty learning and recalling new words, increasing the quality of teaching.


You will be able to use the strategies and activities from this course with your current pupils and in the future with other children.

You will see progress in the children you’ve worked with following the delivery of these fun but impactful interventions.

Suitable for all age groups, from EYFS to KS4.

The games can be altered to suit the age, ability and interests of the child you are working with.


Sign Up Now

Sign up now with one single payment of £147 +vat

or choose the payment plan option

Payment via credit/debit card or PayPal.


How does it work?

Once you register, you will be directed to the course where you can work through the modules at your own pace. 

As the course is online, you can re-visit the modules at any time, on any device, with unlimited access.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Who am I?

I'm Beth Morrant, a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with over 15 years experience working with children of all ages.

I've trained hundreds of staff in various education settings, in the UK and around the world, from primary and secondary schools, to preschools, childminders and alternative provision and PRUs.

I'm a Mum of 2 and a clinical supervisor to many lovely Speech and Language Therapists and students.


My specialist skills and depth of knowledge in SLCN have seen me deliver guest lectures at universities and seminars at national conferences.

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