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The SEND Review- your next steps

The SEND Review was published by the government recently, setting out proposals for changes to the way the SEND system works.

One of the big takeaways of the SEND review for me, as a training provider, was that less than half of Teachers reported that there was appropriate training in place for all teachers in supporting pupils with SEN.

The Government’s response was to suggest training for SENCOs and Early Career Teachers.

While this is welcomed, it still doesn’t look like training and CPD will be offered to existing teaching staff and early years practitioners who have children in their current classes and cohorts who they need help and training in order to support right now.

Having worked across all sections of education for well over a decade from preschool to secondary, mainstream and alternative provision, I’ve been fully aware of the lack of training, information and support for education and childcare staff, which is why I created my range of courses.

I know that Teachers don't have much time so I purposefully made my courses short. They contain succinct information, strategies, motivating interventions and bonus content for downloading and printing. The courses can be completed in an afternoon and interventions can be planned for the very next day.

It’s time to take action and review the SEND of your own setting or classroom.

I'm sure that you already have a child in mind who needs some help.

  • Are you confident in identifying their specific needs?

  • Have you got any ideas on what you can do to help them this week?

  • Have you some words of reassurance you can give to their parents/carers?

  • Have you had any training in the last 12 months on speech & language?

Here are your next steps:

  1. Think about the child in you class/cohort that you’re worried about

  2. Head over to the courses page on my website to see which course fits your needs

  3. Send the information to your Manager, Headteacher or School Business Manager, tell them that you need it to help the child (or children) and they can get you booked on the course ASAP.

  4. Start the course, plan your next steps in supporting your child, grow in knowledge and confidence.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the SEND review document or your own review of the SEND in your provision. You can send me an email here.

Beth Morrant

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

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