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Teacher Training for your School Making Your Budgets Go Further

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Are you keen to find easy to use, online learning for you or the education staff in your setting?

The courses in The Speech and Language Garden are important for anyone working with children and young people in an education setting.

The purpose for the courses are to provide specialist training to people working with children to give them the knowledge, understanding and confidence to work with children with speech and language difficulties.

The pre-recorded courses range from 60 mins to 4+ hours, with modules covering specific theoretical information, and demonstrated activities to target specific areas of needs.

Many of the demonstrated activities include advice on how to differentiate for age, motivations, level of target, needs and abilities, with a variety of flexibility applied in the demonstrations to illustrate this.

Why should you use training courses from The Speech and Language Garden?

All of the courses and resources are made by a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with extensive experience working with children in schools, preschools and secondary education settings, including a pupil referral unit.

I work within multiple specialist areas, covering a range of clinical presentations and areas of difficulty including speech sound disorders, developmental language delay, expressive language difficulties, stammering, autism, hearing impairment, cleft lip and palate, bilingualism, among others.

I’ve also provided lectures to BSc and MSc level Speech and Language Therapy students on some of these specialist areas, sharing my knowledge and skillset with future clinicians.

The courses and downloadable resources contain proven strategies and activities that have achieved successful results for many children and school settings, enabling improved skills for the children, reduced impacts on development and better academic progress.

How does it work?

The online learning platform where the courses are hosted allows users to access the learning content at times convenient to them, on different devices using their individual login.

This provides opportunity for users to follow the course at their own pace, meeting demands on flexibility and availability.

The platform tracks their progress and reminds users of modules that are yet to be completed, with users having the ability to return to the learning content at a later date to refresh their skills or consider the information and activities for use with new children.

Education settings have been able to use the courses as part of their staff training days and staff meetings, the convenience of logging in and pressing play reduces stress and preparation of training material for SENCos and school Leaders.

What are my purchase options?

Purchase a single course for yourself or one member of your team. There are a range of courses to choose from.

Buy as part of a training package which combines a bundle of 6 courses and 13 downloadable resources. Pricing options are for single users or for whole team access to the training materials (at a huge discount!)

Contact me

As always you are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have, click here.

More information on individual courses and resources can be found on the Online Courses page of my website.

If you have a specific area of need or require training courses and specialist resources on particular topics, please contact me.

Beth Morrant

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist MSc BA CertMRCSLT MASLTIP The Speech and Language Garden

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