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No-Prep SEND staff meetings

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Don't panic! I've got you covered for THAT staff meeting you didn't have time to prepare for. 

I've visited a lot of schools and preschools over the last decade with my work as a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and the one message I hear the most is how you don't have time. There is so much going on in your everyday teaching (let alone all of the extras you have to do due to Covid) that you have little time to do any preparation for meetings. You open your diary on a Monday and see that you are responsible for this week's staff meeting, the topic is SEND. 😱 Uh oh. 😭 You need to do something over the virtual platform (like zoom or google meetings) because of the distancing rules but you have NO TIME to prepare anything. ❗️ Don't panic! 💕 I've got you covered!  ✔️ I created my courses with this type of scenario in mind. All you have to do is login and press play.

🤩 You get to look like a superstar. 👩‍🏫 Your team receive specialist training and demonstrations of strategies and activities. ⭐️ Your senior leadership team are impressed. 💵 The school business manager is delighted to spread the cost of ONE course over the WHOLE TEAM! 🏆 You can include the specialist training in your SEND report for governors.

😉 And you didn't have to prepare any of it.

👍Plus there are bonus resources in each of my courses for you to add to your shared documents in school or print out for the stafroom notice boards.

Here are the courses:

Click on the images above to go to the course page that you'd like to know more about.

I can imagine how tired you must now be after a hectic school year and the summer holidays are still a little way off.

Let me help ease your load a little by covering THAT meeting for you.

Beth xx


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