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Online Speech and Language Training courses

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Working in an education setting, whether you are a teacher, SENCo, Teaching Assistant, Preschool worker, Childminder, management or even mid-day assistant, you will at some point work with children who have additional needs.

  • More than 10% of children have some kind of speech, language or communication needs.

  • Speech, language and communication needs are the most common type of special educational need in 4-11 year old children.

  • By age four, disadvantaged children are, on average, already almost a full year and a half behind their more affluent peers in their early language development.

But there’s a lack of consistent training and support available to schools and education settings for these types of needs. And what training there is can be expensive or difficult to get to or on a day that you can’t attend.

This is why I created a range of courses, based upon the needs of the children I’ve seen and diagnosed in over a decade of being a Speech and Language Therapist.

Click on the courses below to find out more.

What are the benefits of doing a speech and language course online?

Cost Saving

  • You’ll save money on individual course fees. With my courses, you can have one login per setting and train up your whole team for the one price! That means for the 10 practitioners who complete the Speech Sounds Steps to Success course, it works out at £16 each!

  • You’ll save money on travel because all of the courses are online, you just need internet access (you can even watch the videos on your phone!)

  • You’ll save money on finding cover support for your class or session. And the more of your team who complete the course the more money you’ll save on finding cover for them too!

  • You’ll save so much money the Business Manager will be happy!


  • Your SEND report can show that 100% of your staff have received specialist speech and language training and are skilled to work with children with additional needs.

  • Imagine saying “all of our LSAs have received specialist training and are confident to complete SEN interventions” to the Ofsted Inspector.

  • By implementing the knowledge and strategies learnt in the SLCN course, you can be confident in delivering High Quality Teaching (even higher than you did before the course) for your current class and for years to come. Let’s say you have 30 children in your class for each of the next 5 years, that’s 150 children who will benefit from your skills. There’s data that governors will love!

  • SLCN statistics are that in every class of 30 children 2-3 will have some sort of speech, language or communication need. Over 5 years you’ll likely have between 10-15 children with different needs.

Access to Specialist Training

  • Opportunities for training on Speech and Language topics can be hard to find. With services differing between geographical areas, and provision for different age groups varying too, any training you can find is usually fully booked or on a date you can’t do.

  • I’m a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with over a decade of clinical practice. I have lots of experience delivering lectures to students, training sessions to groups of people and demonstrations to individuals, each of the courses I create have you in mind. You’ll be able to take multiple tips, strategies and ideas away from each course (as well as the bonus features!)

  • I’ve delivered university lectures to BSc and MSc students on specialist speech and language subjects. You’ll be as up-to-date as the next generation of Speech and Language Therapists on some of these areas.

  • There’s always the option to email me with questions or to seek advice around specific issues. I’m here to help you to help the children that you work with.

Instant Access

  • All of the courses from The Speech and Language Garden are available online.

  • You don’t have to wait for a specific date, you can start the course on the same day you sign up.

  • There’s no need to travel for hours or wake up early to head over to a particular location for the course. You can stay at home on your sofa or sit at a desk at work and do the course.

  • If you get called away or can’t do the course on the original date you planned, it’s ok, just login when you can.

  • You can re-visit the course as many times as you like, dipping into specific videos or tutorials, or downloading the bonus materials.

  • If you are self-isolating or unable to get to your workplace, you can login from home and still 'work'.

You gain Specialist Skills

  • As all of the training courses from The Speech and Language Garden are created by a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, you’ll be confident that the content is good value.

  • You’ll gain knowledge, understanding and confidence to work with children who have speech and language difficulties.

  • By using one of the courses as part of a training session for your team, you can maximise the High Quality Teaching in your setting.

  • You can publicise that you or your team (if you share the course with them) have had specialist training. Add it to your CV!

You’ll look like a superstar to the Senior Leadership Team

  • You can deliver this specialist training to your whole team, with all of the benefits of cost saving and data producing without having to do ANY planning! All you have to do is press play.

  • You can deliver a whole series of these specialist speech and language training sessions to your team if you sign up for more than one course.

  • You can train up future staff members who join your setting with the same login, there’s currently no expiry date.

  • Your school will be able to boast a child-centred approach to SLCN to prospective parents and visitors.


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