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How to teach a wide and varied vocabulary

Do you dream of the children in your class or setting using a wide and varied vocabulary?

Children need to develop word learning and word recall skills in order to learn new concepts and terminology in all areas of the curriculum, across all key stages. In fact, children need to learn 6-8 new words EVERY DAY to keep up with age-related expectations. 🤯

When children have difficulties with vocabulary and word finding we notice:

🚩 they talk or write using shorter sentences

🚩 they have trouble expressing their thoughts and feelings

🚩 they use lots of filler words like ‘um’ ‘er’ ‘thing’ ‘stuff’

🚩 they can struggle to describe word meanings or how words go together/are different

🚩 they can get frustrated, use swear words, lash out

Have you any children in your class like this?

Wouldn't it be great for their written work or talking skills to blossom and flourish?

Imagine conversations with lovely long phrases without a single grunt or shrug of the shoulders?

You need to support your students' developing word knowledge skills at the same time as boosting your confidence in using strategies and clever interventions so that you can:

👉 see an increase in their spoken and written narrative

👉 delight in the wider variety of the words used by your class

👉 notice reduced episodes of frustration and challenging behaviours due to being able to articulate feelings and emotions

👉 impress the SLT and Ofsted Inspector with your class who use age-related vocabulary, and even greater depth!

It is possible.

You’ll cover everything you need to know in my Supporting Children with Vocabulary and Word Finding Skills course. (>> click here to find out more <<)

This course is suitable for all year groups and key stages.

It’s all online and you’ll get your own login, enabling you to flexibly complete the short course at your own pace. You can log back in next term too after you meet your new cohort.

There’s no extra essay or written element of this course, it’s mostly video based with some downloads and printables for you to keep and use. Total video time is around 2 hours, so it won’t take up all of your valuable time.

The Supporting Children with Vocabulary and Word Finding Skills course is also included in my training packages for Early Years, Primary & All-through schools and Secondary schools. Find out more about my CPD training packages >> HERE <<.

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or queries.

Beth Morrant

Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist MSc BA CertMRCSLT MASLTIP


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