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How to Become a Speech Sound Specialist

I need to tell you about Toni, who is an absolute superstar Preschool Manager 🌟, and now she's a Speech Sound Specialist!

Toni had a need in her preschool setting: there were a number of children who had speech sound difficulties who they had referred to SALT but were on long waiting lists.

Toni was desperate to help the children.

She needed to show that the staff were aware of the children’s needs and were doing something about it.

She knew Ofsted would be looking at this during their next visit- SEN is on the priority list for Inspectors.

Toni had seen my Speech Sounds course and was interested in it for her setting.

Toni knew that it would be a good investment for her skills- especially as she could get unlimited access to the videos and content.

This meant that she could watch the videos soon but also again in a few months time to refresh her skills and train up new staff members.

Toni completed the course over a few days and was able to implement her new skills and knowledge with her key children straight away.

She downloaded the bonus freebie Speech Sound eBooks and printed off pages for some of the parents so that they could play some games at home.

She started to see a difference in the children really quickly- they began to make progress!

I was delighted to read this review that Toni left on my course:

Amazing! This course has been very interesting to do, I will be engaging with my team with this as we have a few children who have speech difficulties and are awaiting to be assessed by a therapist

Toni W.

Just like Toni, lots of Preschool, Nursery, Daycare and Childminding settings are finding themselves with a number of children who have unclear speech.

Plenty of Reception classes and even year 1 cohorts are feeling the effects of the long SALT waiting lists.

If you want to help your children to overcome their speech sound difficulties and make super progress with their speech sound development, you need to complete the course.

Then you can say that you have had specialist training and now you are a Speech Sounds Specialist!

Click here find out more and get instant access to the Speech Sounds Steps to Success course:

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