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Leo can't say his name properly

I want to tell you about Leo.

Leo couldn't say his name properly.

The L sound was tricky.

He used a W instead.

“What’s your name?”


He was getting teased for the way he said his name.

Leo hated saying his name.

He hated talking and grew to hate school because he was getting picked on.

Leo is nearly 5, he’s in reception class.

It’s quite common for children to substitute the L sound with a W or Y at this age.

His parents thought he’d ‘just grow out of it’ but it became a bigger problem and Leo was not a happy child.

All because he couldn't say his name.

He didn't actually need to be seen for speech therapy sessions with me but instead benefitted from some activities and games a few times per week with an adult at school and at home with his family.

That was the situation when I saw Leo in school in October.

I explained to his Teacher and the SENCo that he didn't need speech therapy with me, but he did need some help.

Then I signed the class LSA up to my Speech Sounds Steps to Success course and she’s been helping Leo in school for the last 3 months.

Activity ideas were printed from the Speech Sound eBooks (which are included in the course) and sent home each week so Leo’s family could help him too.

Leo’s Teacher was able to find some items beginning with L in the classroom to incorporate Leo’s speech sound needs into the whole-class activities.

In the home corner she has lamp, lock, ladder. There was a fantastic leaf activity that the whole class did last half term too.

Leo loved it and has really benefitted from the extra help he has had in school and at home.

I saw Leo again just before half term and guess what?

He can say his name properly.

His sparkle is back and he’s a happy, bubbly chap again.

He doesn’t hate school, he doesn’t hate the other children for teasing him.

But he does hate lettuce and he can say that word beautifully too 🥬🤩.

Have you got a child like Leo in your setting? I'd love to help you if you do, you can send me an email (click here) or get started on the Speech Sounds course straight away.

Beth xx

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