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HOT TOPIC: Speech Sound Difficulites 🗨

Unclear speech and speech sound difficulties are a BIG issue right now for lots of education settings as waiting lists for SALT assessments and therapy are super long.

This is having a knock-on impact for children starting school as increasing numbers have ongoing and unresolved issues.

This in turn will impact on their progress in phonics and literacy skills.

Children are unable to demonstrate their skills in reading and writing due to confusion with their speech sounds.

It often impacts negatively on self-esteem and social skills too.

Children can shy away from speaking up in class or having conversations as they are aware that they cannot be understood.

Some can't even say their own names clearly. 😥

There is a way you can help them.

Many of the children I see in clinic don't need to have therapy sessions with me.

Instead I write a report with targets and activities for specific sounds and ask parents and school/preschool settings to work on the games regularly over a few weeks/months.

My course on supporting children with speech sound difficulties gives you the ability to do that too.

The course will enable you to help your child to improve their speech clarity, working on specific sounds by playing fun games!

The course also explains the nature of speech sound difficulties and why they are using different sounds, like why they are saying "dock" instead of sock or if they say "tarrot" for carrot.

Even when they count "one, doo, bee, bore, bibe, dix, deben..."

If you're looking to develop specialist skills that give you the ability to help children with speech sound difficulties, >> click here << for more information and to get started on the online course.

Here's what previous course participants have had to say:

"Hi Beth, Just a quick email to tell you that we played the monkey game this afternoon and it was so much fun doing our rabbit faces! We are going to try sentences next!"

Belinda W, Preschool Manager

"Very good and very informative. Loved it!"

Ellie L, Preschool Practitioner

"A lot of really useful strategies given to help. Really good explanations. It gave a good understanding of speech sounds in a fun and friendly way".

Megan C, Class Teacher

Let me know if you have any questions about the course, you can >> contact me here <<.

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