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How to help your child with their speech sound difficulties

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

I receive lots of emails and messages from Early Years and KS1 Professionals, as well as parents and grandparents, with questions on how to help the children in their settings (or homes) who are on long waiting lists for assessment or therapy to support their speech sound difficulties.

I hear you.

It’s really frustrating for you.

Even before the pandemic waiting lists were long and pressures on settings to provide appropriate support for children hasn't eased.

Parental anxiety and need for reassurance is high and stress levels for Early Years Professionals can be overwhelming.

It's unfair. On you and your child.

The coronavirus pandemic has required Speech and Language Therapists (and other registered healthcare professionals) from lots of different areas and patient groups to support the response. And they are doing an amazing job under incredibly difficult circumstances.

But this will undoubtedly lead to even longer waiting lists that a year ago when this all began.

It’s not easy for anyone, but least of all for the children in your setting.

I’m an Independent Speech and Language Therapist (aka privately practising). That means that I work for myself and am able to see children in my clinic and support education professionals with my online resources. (I did volunteer to support the response but wasn't needed in my geographical area).

I'm always happy to help with advice and directing people to the resources I’ve created which will help them to help the children they are worried about.

There are lots of things you can do to help the children in your setting while they wait.

Here's a list of all of the resources and courses I've made to help you support the children you work with who have speech sound difficulties.

⭐️ My online Course in supporting children with Speech Sound difficulties.

A pre-recorded, comprehensive online course which is available straight away and able to be re-visited as often as you like. Includes the eBooks (below) as BONUS features.

⭐️ Speech Sounds Screener

A screening tool for practitioners to highlight tricky sounds for your children. Provided as a digital download you can use it with multiple children for years to come, spreading the cost and maximising the benefits of your setting.

⭐️ Speech Sounds Games & Activities eBook - Games to play using pictures

A selection of my favourite, fun and motivating games and activities ways to help children in your setting and at home to work on their tricky sounds.

⭐️ FREE ages and stages infosheet

Providing you with information on what speech sounds children should have mastered by which ages.

⭐️ My Facebook page is full of information and posts, as well as supportive environment where we can support each other and share best practise.

Beth xx

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