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Do you CHUNK? 🤔

Have you heard of chunking? Do you chunk?

It’s a strategy we can use to support children’s language processing and memory skills.

It involves reducing down the amount of words you say to a child in one go.

It can be really hard for children’s brains to process all of the words in some of the instructions we give to them.

Instead of “put your pens in the pots, your books in your tray and line up by the door”, split your commands into smaller chunks and deliver them one at a time (as required by the child).

  1. Put your pen in the pot

  2. Put your book in the tray

  3. Line up by the door

It does take more effort for us adults to CHUNK instructions for children but it helps you to establish effective management and support of speech and language difficulties in your setting whilst at the same time boosting your child’s self-esteem when they complete the instructions and are praised.

Using strategies is one of the most effective ways of supporting children in education and you’ll find a range of easy-to-do strategies in all of my courses. They are ideal to boost quality teaching and learning for different key stages and age groups.

Take a look at the online short courses and training packages here

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