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Data collection tools

There are a range of resources and tools in the Speech and Language Garden that you can use to collect data, monitor progress and show impact.

They can be used across a range of age groups and key stages and all are available as digital downloads that you can save to your device or shared files and print multiple times.

  • SLCN Checklist

A 4 page checklist covering 7 different areas of SLCN, including attention & listening, comprehension, memory, expressive language & vocabulary, speech sounds, play & social skills, and fluency.

For use across all age groups and key stages, from EYFS all the way up to key stage 4.

The checklist can be completed by any member of staff familiar with that child or young person and it can also be used to screen a whole class or cohort.

This resource identifies general areas of need and specific targets to work on, with indicators on further resources and training available to deliver effective interventions.

Data is collected in the form of ticks in the ‘always/ often/ rarely’ columns which can then be totalled and used for quantitative data, reassessing termly to compare data, track progress and measure impacts of interventions.

Available as a digital download (it will be emailed to you straight away), price £24

  • Speech Sounds Screener

A screening assessment tool to identify and track the speech sound development of individual children.

For use in Early Years and key stage 1, can be completed by Teachers, Teaching Support Staff, Early Years Practitioners, Key Workers, SENCOs.

Quantifiable data is collected by counting the number of incorrect sounds identified on the response sheet and impact can be measured with regular re-assessment (advised every 3-6 months).

This screener can be used in conjunction with the Speech Sounds Steps to Success course and speech sound eBooks to support children in your setting with speech sound difficulties.

This tool can also be used to support referral to external SALT service.

Available as a digital download (it will be emailed to you straight away), price: £45

  • Staff skills audit

A 2-page audit tool to gather information on the speech, language and communication skills and knowledge of your team.

This tool can be used:

  • to discover the skills and knowledge your staff already have

  • to identify any gaps in skills and knowledge of SLCN

  • as an indicator for training or resources needed

  • for staff to be able to record evidence for their own CPD

  • inform Governors and Inspectors

  • to support budget requests for training

Data can be collected through analysing the responses and numbers of staff who complete the audit i.e. 40% of our staff do not feel confident in their knowledge of SLCN.

For self-completion by staff members in all types of education and childcare, including preschool, primary, secondary and alternative school settings.

Price: free

  • Intervention record sheet

A simple document to record all intervention sessions with children. This tool can be adapted for 1:1 or group sessions.

Can be used in any education or childcare setting. To be completed by the person carrying out interventions.

Quantitative data can be collected by counting the number of intervention sessions over a period of time, with qualitative data in the notes after each intervention to see whether a task or activity was challenging, too easy or just right.

Impacts and progress can be measured and monitored by assessing against the original target after a period of time i.e. a half or whole term.

Price: free

  • EYFS Milestones Checklist

A multi-page checklist tool to monitor the language development of children aged 9 months to 6 years, focusing on specific areas of language development, including attention & listening, understanding, talking & vocabulary, speech sounds, play & social skills, stammering/fluency.

Areas of need can be identified and compared to age-related norms, with indications on areas to support in setting, which skills to work on next and when to refer to SALT.

Data and impact can be illustrated through regular reference to the milestones checklist.

For use by SENCOs, Early Years Practitioners, Teachers and Learning Support Staff.

Available as a bonus resource in the Early Years Speech and Language Course.

Course price £97

  • Means, Reasons & Opportunities Audit for EYFS

An impactful tool with prompt questions to perform your own audit on the communication skills of the children in your setting and the opportunities provided by the staff and environment to promote language and communication development.

Results from your responses to the questions can be used in:

  • SEND report for governors,

  • Ofsted inspections,

  • promotion of your setting to parents,

  • indications for staff training,

  • support application for funding and grants

For use by senior leadership teams in Early Years and Infant school settings.

Available as a bonus resource in the Early Years Speech and Language Course.

Course price £97

If you have any questions about any of these practical, convenient and effective data collection tools, send me an email ( and let me know.

Beth xx

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