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Instant Speech & Language Help for You ✨

Updated: May 24

Getting hold of a Speech and Language Therapist at the moment seems quite a challenging task, however I'm here to help you with your planning, preparation and possibly panic to make sure that you are able to identify and meet the needs of your children.

There are a number of different ways you can work with me so that you can help the children you work with. Let's explore them...

Instant Access Online Courses

Using my highly specialised skills and depth of experience working with children, families, education and childcare providers, I’ve created my courses especially for education and childcare staff.

Each course is efficiently saturated with information, knowledge, strategies, interventions and awesome bonus material for you to be able to access instantly, complete in an afternoon and begin helping your children straight away.

SLCN Impact Pack

Training Packages

I’ve bundled some of my courses together (and added a beautiful discount) to create training packages designed for different age groups.

Pricing options are for single person purchase or for whole teams, with access to the courses for 12 whole months so you can start and complete them in your own time.

Check out the training package for the stage or age group you work with below.

Digital resources

A diverse selection of eBooks and assessment resources are available all the time on my website.

These can be instantly downloaded to your device for you to get started with straight away. Prices range from £15 - £49.

Free stuff on my website

There are a range of freebies which you can download available on the FREEBIES page of my website.

You can also check out the dozens of blog articles which contain information, tips, advice and recommendations for you here.

Just click the 'Freebies' or 'Blog' tabs above.

BONUS ways

  • If you’re desperate for me to deliver training live to your team via zoom (or a similar platform), send me an email to get booked in my diary.

  • If you’ve got a question and you need my help, send me an email to, I’ll do my best to answer your query and point you in the right direction to solve your problem.


Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

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