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10 ways to use an E-Book from The Speech and Language Garden

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

An eBook is a handy way of gaining lots of information on a specific topic, instantly downloaded to your computer.

All of my eBooks are packed with fun, low-prep activities for different topics, based upon the areas of need of the children I have worked with and the targets I commonly set.

There are loads of ways you can use the eBooks, here are a few:

1. Read it cover-to-cover and choose the best bits for you to do straight away!

  • That could be implementing strategies or trying a game or activity with your pupils this afternoon.

2. Print individual pages to put up in the staffroom

  • It’s always nice to have fresh new things for colleagues to read. The eBooks are packed with ideas and tips that everyone could use with the children they work with.

3. Cascade the information during a staff meeting or training session

  • It’s a specialist topic, created by a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist so you can certainly use it to upskill your staff.

4. Upload it to the shared drive

  • All of my eBooks are digital downloads so you can save a copy in the files and resources you share as a team. That way you can refer back to it months from now when your new cohort start.

5. Use the activities in 1:1 sessions with children who need to work on that target area

  • If the child you are working with has difficulty with vocabulary, use the activities as suggested in the eBook and work through a half term of sessions. Don’t forget to log your sessions in the speech & language record sheet at the back of the eBook.

6. Play the games with small groups of children

  • The children don’t all have to have SEN or speech and language needs. It’s always good to practise social skills like turn-taking and sharing. Plus you can get lots of observations and target multiple goals with one small group activity.

7. Whole class games

  • Some of the activities in the Vocabulary and Auditory Memory eBooks are fun ‘filler’ activities for when you have an extra 5 mins spare or if they need a little brain break. My favourites are the Shopping Game or Make the Link which are in the Vocabulary eBook.

8. Print out single pages for parents to do for homework

  • I do this with the children on my caseload. Whether they visit my clinic or I see them in school, I like to give realistic, achievable activities for parents to help their children at home. All of these activities are tried and tested on my own kids so I KNOW they work.

9. In the car, at the supermarket, visiting relatives.

  • The majority of the games and activities in the eBooks require no prep. You can always have a quick game while you’re in the queue for something. Another great idea for homework which will help the children transfer and generalise their new skills .

10. For updating your skills and confidence in the topic.

  • It’s always worth adding these new skills to your CV. By implementing the activities in the eBooks you are gaining experience working in that area. Make sure you show off how good you are at it on your CV.

There are a range of eBooks on the website, click here to go have a look.

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