Do you have this problem?

You have a child in your class who is a low attainer. There is ‘something’ about them that you are struggling to work out. They might have:

  • Poor attention skills
  • Relies on routines and copying others
  • Difficulties following instructions
  • Lack of awareness of what is going on around them
  • Know and use fewer words
  • Talks (and writes) in shorter sentences
  • Frustration and challenging behaviour
  • Immature social skills
  • Behave or sound like a younger child
  • Struggle to listen well
  • ‘Struggling Academically’


You’re not sure whether to refer to Speech and Language or not.

You don’t know whether this child needs interventions.


  • You need a simple tick sheet to help identify the areas of need the child has.
  • Something to help you to pinpoint specific targets for their Individual Education Plan.
  • An easy-to-use resource to help you to identify TA-led interventions.
  • A tool to help you to make a better referral to Speech and Language.
  • You'd like a checklist to record how this child presents now which you can refer back to next term to check progress.
  • Something straight-forward to help you to feel confident that you aren’t missing anything for this child.


The Checklist

An easy to use 4-page checklist covering 7 different areas of SLCN

  • Attention & Listening
  • Comprehension
  • Memory
  • Expressive Language & Vocabulary
  • Speech Sounds
  • Play & Social Skills
  • Fluency (stammering)

Questions within each section will help you to highlight areas where the child has the most need, for example with remembering instructions or using short sentences.


A Next Steps section at the end of the checklist to help you to decide whether to:

  • refer on to Speech and Language service
  • try school-based interventions such as small group or 1:1 with a Teaching Assistant or quality teaching through use of specific strategies.


This checklist can be used as a monitoring tool for you to be able to track the child’s progress each term.


You can use it to highlight areas of need for the child and to pinpoint specific targets for their IEP.


Can be used by SENCo, Teachers or TAs with no preparation required.


Once you have downloaded the checklist, you can print and use it as many times as you like.


**Now available as a BONUS MATERIAL in the online course SLCN: Speech, Language and Communication Needs**

SLCN Checklist

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